2011-06-25 by Stefan Urbanek

Brewery 0.7 Released

New small release is out with quite nice addition of documentation. It does not bring too many new features, but contains a refactoring towards better package structure, that breaks some compatibility.

Documentation updates

Framework Changes

  • added soft (optional) dependencies on backend libraries. Exception with useful information will be raised when functionality that depends on missing package is used. Example: “Exception: Optional package ‘sqlalchemy’ is not installed. Please install the package from http://www.sqlalchemy.org/ to be able to use: SQL streams. Recommended version is > 0.7”
  • field related classes and functions were moved from ‘ds’ module to ‘metadata’ and included in brewery top-level: Field, FieldList, expand_record, collapse_record
  • added probes

Depreciated functions


  • new node: DeriveNode - derive new field with callables or string formula (python expression)
  • new SelectNode implementation: accepts callables or string with python code
  • former SelectNode renamed to FunctionSelectNode