2012-06-12 by Stefan Urbanek

Cubes and Slicer are going to EuroPython 2012

Cubes is going to EuroPython 2012.

EDIT: Added "Need help?".

There are going to be two sessions. First there will be talk introducing to light-weight OLAP with Cubes and Slicer, on Friday at 9:45 in room Tagliatelle (add to calendar). Afterwards there will be longer, more in-depth and hands-on training about Slicing and Dicing with Cubes on Friday at 14:30 in room Pizza Napoli (add to calendar)

In the talk I will introduce the framework and explain reasons for it's existence. Then I will dig into architecture, features and briefly show examples how to use it for slicing and dicing. Newbies are welcome.

The training will go into more details and the participants will learn:

  • how to prepare data for aggregated browsing - star and snowflake schemas
  • how to create a logical model, define cubes, dimensions and hierarchies
  • how to browse aggregated data and how to slice and dice cubes from within Python
  • how to create a WSGI OLAP server ("in 15 minutes" style) for aggregated data browsing and how to use it in your web application for providing (browsable) data to end-user reports
  • how to provide localized reporting

If the time permits, we can look at the anatomy of the framework and see how to implement a backend for another kind of data store.

I will be focusing on the existing SQL (relational OLAP) backend.

Customized examples

You might use the training session (and not only the session) to solve your problem - just bring your own sample data, if you like.

Do you have any data that you would like to slice and dice? Have a database schema and do not know how to create a logical model? You can send me a data sample or a schema, so I can prepare examples based on problem you are solving.

Please, do not send any confidential data or schemas under NDA.


Need help?

If you have any questions or would like to help with your data: from data preparation, through data modeling to slicing and dicing. You can grab me during the whole event. If you can not find me, just tweet me: @Stiivi.


If anyone is interested in participating in the project, he is welcome. Here are some features that are either out of scope of my skills and I would like to cooperate with someone more professional, or I do not have available resources to do that:

I am also very open to new feature suggestions and feature change requests. Just little note: Cubes is meant to be small and simple. At least for now. There are plenty of complex and feature-rich solutions out there. If we can make new, more complex features as non-critical, optional plug-ins, that would be great.

Links and Calendar Events

You can add the talks to your calendar by following the links: