2012-12-09 by Stefan Urbanek

Cubes 0.10.1 Released - Multiple Hierarchies

Quick Summary:

  • multiple hierarchies:
  • Python: cut = PointCut("date", [2010,15], hierarchy='ywd') (docs)
  • Server: GET /aggregate?cut=date@ywd:2010,15 (see docs - look for aggregate documentation)
  • Server drilldown: GET /aggregate?drilldown=date@ywd:week
  • added result formatters (experimental! API might change)
  • added pre-aggregations (experimental!)

New Features

  • added support for multiple hierarchies
  • added dimension_schema option to star browser – use this when you have all dimensions grouped in a separate schema than fact table
  • added HierarchyError - used for example when drilling down deeper than possible within that hierarchy
  • added result formatters: simple_html_table, simple_data_table, text_table
  • added create_formatter(formatter_type, options ...)
  • AggregationResult.levels is a new dictionary containing levels that the result was drilled down to. Keys are dimension names, values are levels.
  • AggregationResult.table_rows() output has a new variable is_base to denote whether the row is base or not in regard to table_rows dimension.
  • added create_server(config_path) to simplify wsgi script

  • added aggregates: avg, stddev and variance (works only in databases that support those aggregations, such as PostgreSQL)

  • added preliminary implemenation of pre-aggregation to sql worskspace:

  • create_conformed_rollup()
  • create_conformed_rollups()
  • create_cube_aggregate()


  • multiple drilldowns can be specified in single argument: drilldown=date,product
  • there can be multiple cut arguments that will be appended into single cell
  • added requests: GET /cubes and GET /cube/NAME/dimensions


  • Important: Changed string representation of a set cut: now using semicolon ';' as a separator instead of a plus symbol '+'
  • aggregation browser subclasses should now fill result's levels variable with coalesced_drilldown() output for requested drill-down levels.
  • Moved coalesce_drilldown() from star browser to cubes.browser module to be reusable by other browsers. Method might be renamed in the future.
  • if there is only one level (default) in a dimension, it will have same label as the owning dimension
  • hierarchy definition errors now raise ModelError instead of generic exception


  • order of joins is preserved
  • fixed ordering bug
  • fixed bug in generating conditions from range cuts
  • AggregationResult.table_rows now works when there is no point cut
  • get correct reference in table_rows – now works when simple denormalized table is used
  • raise model exception when a table is missing due to missing join
  • search in slicer updated for latest changes
  • fixed bug that prevented using cells with attributes in aliased joined tables


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