2013-02-20 by Stefan Urbanek

Cubes 0.10.2 Released - Even More Hierarchies, Formatters and Docs

After few months and gloomy winter nights, here is a humble update of the Cubes light weight analytical framework. No major feature additions nor changes this time, except some usability tweaks and fixes.

Documentation was updated to contain relational database patterns for SQL backend. See the schemas, models and illustrations in the official documentation.

Also improvements in cross-referencing various documentation parts through see-also for having relevant information at-hand.

Thanks and credits for support and patches goes to:

  • Jose Juan Montes (@jjmontesl)
  • Andrew Zeneski
  • Reinier Reisy Quevedo Batista (@rquevedo)


  • many improvements in handling multiple hierarchies
  • more support of multiple hierarchies in the slicer server either as parameter or with syntax dimension@hierarchy:
  • dimension values: GET /dimension/date?hierarchy=dqmy
  • cut: get first quarter of 2012 ?cut=date@dqmy:2012,1
  • drill-down on hierarchy with week on implicit (next) level: ?drilldown=date@ywd
  • drill-down on hierarchy with week with exlpicitly specified week level: ?drilldown=date@ywd:week
  • order and order attribute can now be specified for a Level
  • optional safe column aliases (see docs for more info) for databases that have non-standard requirements for column labels even when quoted

New Features

  • added order to Level object - can be asc, desc or None for unspecified order (will be ignored)
  • added order_attribute to Level object - specifies attribute to be used for ordering according to order. If not specified, then first attribute is going to be used.
  • added hierarchy argument to AggregationResult.table_rows()
  • str(cube) returns cube name, useful in functions that can accept both cube name and cube object
  • added cross table formatter and its HTML variant
  • GET /dimension accepts hierarchy parameter
  • added create_workspace_from_config() to simplify workspace creation directly from slicer.ini file (this method might be slightly changed in the future)
  • to_dict() method of model objects now has a flag create_label which provides label attribute derived from the object's name, if label is missing
  • Issue #95: Allow charset to be specified in Content-Type header


  • added option to SQL workspace/browser safe_labels to use safe column labels for databases that do not support characters like . in column names even when quoted (advanced feature, does not work with denormalization)
  • browser accepts include_cell_count and include_summary arguments to optionally disable/enable inclusion of respective results in the aggregation result object
  • added implicit ordering by levels to aggregate and dimension values methods (for list of facts it is not yet decided how this should work)
  • Issue #97: partially implemented sort_key, available in aggregate() and values() methods


  • added comma separator for order= parameter
  • reflected multiple search backend support in slicer server


  • added vim syntax highlighting goodie


  • AggregationResult.cross_table is depreciated, use cross table formatter instead
  • load_model() loads and applies translations
  • slicer server uses new localization methods (removed localization code from slicer)
  • workspace context provides proper list of locales and new key 'translations'
  • added base class Workspace which backends should subclass; backends should use workspace.localized_model(locale)
  • create_model() accepts list of translations


  • browser.set_locale() now correctly changes browser's locale
  • Issue #97: Dimension values call cartesians when cutting by a different dimension
  • Issue #99: Dimension "template" does not copy hierarchies


Sources can be found on github. Read the documentation.

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