2011-04-25 by Stefan Urbanek

Cubes 0.6 released

New version of Cubes - Python OLAP framework and server - was released.

Cubes is a framework for:

Notable changes:

  • added ‘details’ to cube metadata - attributes that might contain fact details which are not relevant to aggregation, but might be interesting when displaying facts (such as contract name or notes)
  • added ordering of facts in aggregation browser


  • SQL denormalizer can now, by request, automatically add indexes to level key columns
  • one detail table can be used more than once in SQL denomralizer (such as an organisation for both - supplier and requestor), added key alias to joins in model description, see joins documentation for more information.

Slicer server

  • added log a and log_level configuration options (under [server])
  • added format= parameter to /facts, accepts json and csv
  • added fields= parameter to /facts - comma separated list of returned fields in CSV (see API)
  • limit number of facts returned in JSON (configurable by json_record_limit in [server] section), CSV can return whole dataset and will do it iteratively (we do not want to consume all of our memory, do we?)

Also many bugs were fixed, including localization in fact(s) retrieval and pagination. Sharing of single SQLAlchemy engine and model within server thread was added for performance reasons.