2011-12-05 by Stefan Urbanek

Cubes 0.7.1 released

I am glad to announce new minor release of Cubes - Light Weight Python OLAP framework for multidimensional data aggregation and browsing. The news, changes and fixes are:

New Features

  • New method: Dimension.attribute_reference: returns full reference to an attribute
  • str(cut) will now return constructed string representation of a cut as it can be used by Slicer

Slicer server:

  • added /locales to slicer
  • added locales key in /model request
  • added Access-Control-Allow-Origin for JS/jQuery


  • Allow dimensions in cube to be a list, noy only a dictionary (internally it is ordered dictionary)
  • Allow cubes in model to be a list, noy only a dictionary (internally it is ordered dictionary)

Slicer server:

  • slicer does not require default cube to be specified: if no cube is in the request then try default from config or get first from model


  • Slicer not serves right localization regardless of what localization was used first after server was launched (changed model localization copy to be deepcopy (as it should be))
  • Fixes some remnants that used old Cell.foo based browsing to Browser.foo(cell, ...) only browsing
  • fixed model localization issues; once localized, original locale was not available
  • Do not try to add locale if not specified. Fixes #11: https://github.com/Stiivi/cubes/issues/11


Added tutorials in tutorials/ with models in tutorials/models/ and data in tutorials/data/:

  • Tutorial 1:
    • how to build a model programatically
    • how to create a model with flat dimensions
    • how to aggregate whole cube
    • how to drill-down and aggregate through a dimension
  • Tutorial 2:
    • how to create and use a model file
    • mappings
  • Tutorial 3:
    • how hierarhies work
    • drill-down through a hierarchy
  • Tutorial 4 (not blogged about it yet):
    • how to launch slicer server


  • github sources: https://github.com/Stiivi/cubes
  • Documentation: http://packages.python.org/cubes/
  • Mailing List: http://groups.google.com/group/cubes-discuss
  • Submit issues here: https://github.com/Stiivi/cubes/issues

If you have any questions, comments, requests, do not hesitate to ask.