2011-09-29 by Stefan Urbanek

Cubes 0.7 released

I am happy to announce another release of Cubes - Python OLAP framework for multidimensional data aggregation and browsing.

This release, besides some new features, renames Cuboid to more appropriate Cell. This introduces backward python API incompatibility.

Main source repository has changed to Github https://github.com/Stiivi/cubes


  • Class ‘Cuboid’ was renamed to more correct ‘Cell’. ‘Cuboid’ is a part of cube with subset of dimensions.
  • all APIs with ‘cuboid’ in their name/arguments were renamed to use ‘cell’ instead
  • Changed initialization of model classes: Model, Cube, Dimension, Hierarchy, Level to be more “pythony”: instead of using initialization dictionary, each attribute is listed as parameter, rest is handled from variable list of key word arguments
  • Improved handling of flat and detail-less dimensions (dimensions represented just by one attribute which is also a key)

Model Initialization Defaults:

  • If no levels are specified during initialization, then dimension name is considered flat, with single attribute.
  • If no hierarchy is specified and levels are specified, then default hierarchy will be created from order of levels
  • If no levels are specified, then one level is created, with name default and dimension will be considered flat

Note: This initialization defaults might be moved into a separate utility function/class that will populate incomplete model (see Issue #8 )

New features

Slicer server:

  • changed to handle multiple cubes within model: you have to specify a cube for /aggregate, /facts,… in form: /cube//
  • reflect change in configuration: removed view, added view_prefix and view_suffix, the cube view name will be constructed by concatenating view prefix + cube name + view suffix
  • in aggregate drill-down: explicit dimension can be specified with drilldown=dimension:level, such as: date:month

This change is considered final and therefore we can mark it is as API version 1.


If you have any questions, comments, requests, do not hesitate to ask.