2013-04-08 by Stefan Urbanek

Site Redesign, Leaving Tumblr

Data Brewery home page was redesigned. I would like to thank Andrej Sykora who did a great job with the new look and migration of the old blog posts.


The main reason for redesign was providing more content for each project. Another one was to have it designed in a way that future projects can be easily added – by having one subdomain for each project.

Important: Blog Moving

The Data Brewery blog is moving away from Tumblr. New blog posts will be generated using Pelican to static pages. The base URL will stay the same: blog.databrewery.org.

The old blog URLs are being redirected to the new URLs. There are still few blog posts that need to be migrated, but we hope to have these finished soon.

If you are following the blog with a feeds reader, here is a link to the new feed.